Setúbal Arqueológica,
Volume 16


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Índice >

Foreword >
Rui Marques Garcia (President of AMRS)

Foreword to the XVII UISPP Congress Proceedings >
Luiz Oosterbeek (Secretary-General of UISPP)

Introduction >
Joaquina Soares (Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia do Distrito de Setúbal)

Around the category "prestige" and the archaeology of the "social complexity" in Prehistoric societies. >
Diego Pedraza

The Pleistocene-Holocene transition on the Portuguese southwest coast. A zero stage of social complexity? >
Carlos Tavares da Silva & Joaquina Soares

Graphic Holocene expressions on the Atlantic European façade. Portugal. >
Primitiva Bueno-Ramírez, R. de Balbín-Behrmann & R. Barroso-Bermejo
Bodies in space and time: rethinking the other in Later Iberian Prehistory. >
Katina Lillios
Social complexity in the third millennium cal BC in southern Portugal.>
Joaquina Soares
Technique and social complexity: development trajectories of peasant societies with metallurgy during the Bronze Age of Western Iberia. >
J. C. Senna-Martinez & Elsa Luís

Iberian Sothwest Middle Bronze Age. Reading social complexity in greenstone beads from the cist necrpolis of Sines.>
Carlos Odriozola, Joaquina Soares, Carlos Tavares da Silva & Paulo Fonseca

Dynamic social changes in the Bronze Age society of Sardinia (Italy).>
Giuseppina Gradioli

Separador "Abstracts">

Craft production and specialization during the third millennium in the southwest of Iberian Peninsula.>
Nuno Inácio, Francisco Nocete & Moisés R. Bayona

Material vs. Immaterial evidences of interrelations. Population size, mating networks and technological transfer in Sicily during Early and Middle Bronze Age.>
Matteo Cantisani

Cultural and social complexities of Bronze Age sites in southeast Iran.>
Mehdi Mortazavi & Fariba Mosapour Negari